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At TOBENTO we place great emphasis on the protection of our customers' personal data. You will find information below about the use of data and our principles of data protection. If after reading it you have questions about the data protection provisions, please contact us via our website.

Access to personal data

By filling in and conveying a web-form for the purchase of goods the customer conveys personal data to TOBENTO. We examine on a continuous basis our practices relating to gathering, saving and processing data in order to ensure that we only collect personal data that we require to ensure our service.

Protection of personal data

Personal data (e.g. salutation, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, bank details, IP address) shall be used by us for specific execution of the purchase order. The use of data for advertising purposes by TOBENTO may be refused by the customer at any time by a notification to TOBENTO which does not require any specified format.
TOBENTO shall use the personal data conveyed by the interested party in accordance with the regulations of Swiss data protection legislation whereby the data needed for payment processing (credit card number, bank details etc.) shall be transmitted with protection from the encryption system Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
We restrict access to personal data to employees of TOBENTO, TOBENTO's contractors, vicarious agents and representatives who require knowledge of it for the development and improvement of our service. These persons are subject to special obligations of secrecy. If they breach these obligations, this renders them liable to employment-law-related penalties, dismissal and as well as criminal proceedings.